Dr. Salwa Abuyaqoub

Q Life

Qatar’s future is promisingly bright

March 2019

Dr. Salwa Abuyaqoub


Besides being a Senior Consultant at the Women’s Wellness and Research Centre (WWRC), Dr. Salwa Abuyaqoub is also WWRC’s Vice Chair of Education, the Residency Training Programme Director, an Assistant Professor at WCMC-Q, and Clerkship Director at Qatar University. Quite a range of hats to wear simultaneously!

Dr. Salwa commends Qatar for giving her “immense opportunities” to pursue her professional passions, and works hard to support and give back to the community in return. Part of her role as Vice Chair of Education at WWRC involves promoting healthcare in Qatar “by building a backbone structure for education and training for both residents and faculties”.

“I have been fortunate to get good opportunities for education and career advancement throughout my life”, she says. “I make sure that now I am supporting medical students and future doctors in education and training, just like how my seniors supported me”.

Dr. Salwa is positive about the future of Qatar, remarking that it is “promisingly bright” and how she is “excited and happy to be part of the amazing growth story that is happening right now”.

With Qatar’s 2030 National Vision focusing on creating a more equal and fair society, particularly for women, Dr. Salwa is a shining example of the success Qatar is seeing in putting its vision into practice.

“The social and economic advancement of women without any gender discrimination is a priority in the policy of Qatar” she remarks. “Today Qatari women are at the forefront and play a pivotal role in all walks of life.”

However, it hasn’t always been easy. “During my university days, I had to face some cultural resistance, as it was not common for single ladies to study abroad. Later, when I started working as a doctor, the night shift was sometimes difficult”.

She credits her family with helping her overcome these barriers. “My parents considered education to be of the utmost importance and always encouraged me to study as much as possible”, she says. “My biggest strength and inspiration is my father, who had a clear vision about the importance of education and careers. He always advised me to make the right decision and choose correct career paths”.

At WWRC, Dr. Salwa is heavily involved in providing education and training to others, yet she remains dedicated to improving her own learning, attending courses and career-related workshops outside of work in a testament to her continuing drive. “On my career front, I am proud and feel grateful to be working in one of the most respected professions and with great institutions”, she adds.

Dr. Salwa names Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser as her biggest inspiration: “she is a true role model, not only for Qatari women, but also for everyone else”.