Doaa Al Fayadh

Q Life

Inspiring societal change from within

March 2019

Doaa Al Fayadh


A prominent figure in Qatar’s Armed Forces, Doaa Al Fayadh serves as a Lieutenant Colonel and heads a department focused on handling behavioural and psychological difficulties.

She did not always envisage a career in the Armed Forces, but several years ago Doaa decided to rise to the challenge and enter a field completely different to that which she had previously known.

“In this field you should be strong, patient and able to withstand physical and psychological pressure”, she says. “Moving from the life of a civilian to a military life is not easy”.

An empowering environment is key to a person’s growth, evolution and progress, and Doaa recognises that in the way Qatari society operates. For her, “women in Qatar are given many opportunities that enable them to stand out and demonstrate their full potential and excellence”, indeed that allow them to thrive above all expectations.

“Personal diligence and hard work are qualities which help a candidate get the right opportunity”, she adds.

Despite her success as a woman in the military field, Doaa believes her role in society starts first and foremost with being a mother. “Mothers have a great impact on surroundings which in turn affect the wider community, no matter how simple that role is”, she says.

When pushed on her personal views regarding female empowerment, Doaa again returns to the importance of improving one’s skills and knowledge as an individual, then as a professional, to ensure both the development of a career and in turn have a positive impact on the community.

Women occupy a central role in Qatari society, whether as professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, or as mothers. This paves the way for new generations to themselves occupy crucial roles and further elevate the status of women throughout society.

From the heart of Qatar’s military, Doaa is at the forefront of this inspiring charge.