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From Passion for Baking to Professional Baker

September 2021

Sara Ahmed Al Sayyed

Renowned baker and chef Sara Ahmed Al Sayyed is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she fostered the passion for her profession that had first begun as a teenager. Sara recalls scrapbooking recipes when she was younger and teaching herself how to bake, eventually turning this interest into one of Qatar’s most successful bakeries.

After completing her graduate studies, she embarked on her culinary journey. “I was traveling between London and Paris to meet famous professional chefs in the industry such as Cédric Grolet, learning the fundamentals of pastry and croissant making.”

Sara decided to turn her passion into a business where she could share her experience with people as a certified trainer, and began offering menu consultations in 2018.

With the support of Qatar Development Bank, Sara opened the wholesale bakery ‘Société’ in 2017. “The bakery focuses on high-end artisan baked bread. It was inspired by my journey learning how to perfect Parisian bread and cakes.”

With a keen eye for detail, Sara looks to perfect every item on her menu. “I study the essence of each spice and find out where it can fit in terms of the category of the dish, whether under pastry or bistro items.”

Sara continued on to become a founder of Cho Cho Mai, a pan-Asian restaurant specialising in ready-made meals. She surveyed the location, Downtown Mesheirb, and found out what was missing in the culinary offerings. Cho Cho Mai has since become a popular spot, serving pan-Asian food at an affordable price.

As a self-made baker and entrepreneur, the future shines bright for Sara. She believes that passion is the main drive to accomplishment, and to her many loyal customers and social media followers, Sara says: “invest in yourself, travel the world, and get inspired then create your own line.”