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Leading the Way in Local Innovation

October 2021

Hamad Mubarak Al Hajri

Hamad Mubarak Al Hajri is a self-proclaimed “TechPreneur”, investor and engineer. He started his project, Snoonu, with the goal to impact people’s lives. Snoonu is now one of Qatar’s most popular e-commerce delivery companies, which is known for its speed and efficiency.

“My vision is to change the world through innovative tech solutions and to make Qatar the leading technological hub for entrepreneurs”, Hamad says.

The road to success for an entrepreneur is always bumpy, but Hamad believes it is essential to never give up. “My other previous project failed, but I never gave up. I started to analyse the problems to try to look for solutions to come back stronger”.

His tenacious, entrepreneurial spirit is what pushed him to innovate until he created a product that is much loved by the public. Through this process, he realised the importance of having a dedicated team.

“Building a good, cohesive team is critical,” he says. “I make sure to set small goals for my team and always celebrate all the achievements we accomplish. This is what gives you and the team the encouragement to keep going”.

Hamad also credits the prosperous entrepreneurial space in Qatar as the reason behind the success of many local businesses. “This is a result of the continuous support for entrepreneurship through government institutions that encourage the development of small and medium-sized companies, as this vital sector plays an influential role in Qatar’s economic growth”.

Snoonu is always looking towards the future and embracing the use of artificial intelligence to minimise potential errors and enhance user experience. Hamad can surely visualise a future where deliveries through drones could become a reality, as their benefits include avoiding traffic, reducing delivery time and saving costs.

“We dream big. I have big plans for Snoonu’s future, and we are making steady and consistent steps towards the ultimate dream,” he says.

The public’s response to Snoonu’s services has been incredibly positive. “Snoonu is getting great support from the local community. Locals feel proud to have such an innovative, leading tech company represent Qatar”. This support was evident with Snoonu winning the award for the Best Entrepreneurial Project in Qatar at the 2021 Najah Qatari Festival, which was voted for by the people of Qatar.

A piece of advice Hamad thinks all entrepreneurs need to hear is “believe in your idea. No matter what happens, always have the ambition to move forward”.