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A New Take on Filmmaking

April 2021

Mohammed Shams

Is it possible to create a cinematic experience solely on your phone?

To find an answer go no further than Mohammed Shams, a local photographer who has made a splash on the local filmmaking community through his iPhone cinematography.

Shams developed an interest in photography and videography during his time in college. However, as time progressed, his medium of choice became his iPhone camera. “It’s very handy,” he admits, noting that the quality is “truly amazing”.

One of his latest videos portrays a journey through the Msheireb district, a beloved location in the heart of Doha. Taking audiences on a journey through the district, Shams traced the area back to its historic roots, finding his way into the newly developed metropolis. “The audience’s response has been completely overwhelming. I cannot thank enough the people who have come to my support and shared my content”.

Shams’ content usually celebrates Qatari architecture and heritage, and the footage has now found its way to audiences across the region. “The people of Qatar have helped me, appreciated my work and shared it on their social media accounts. Through that, my content has reached other countries. One of my goals is to do such videos all over the Middle East”.

Since the success of his content, Shams has gone on to collaborate with Msheireb Properties to produce a video celebrating Mother’s Day – again fully on his iPhone.

While Shams is not the first artist in Doha to be inspired by his phone, there is no question that the quality of his work and his thoughtful storytelling has inspired many to pick up their phones and tell their own story.



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