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Supporting the International Community in a Global Health Crisis

April 2020

Qatar Fund for Development

Discover Qatar Fund for Development’s (QFFD) huge mobilisation efforts against one of the globe’s greatest challenges in recent history, as well the leading figures coordinating these initiatives.

In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, QFFD has worked tirelessly to provide important humanitarian aid deployments and a rapid response on behalf of the State of Qatar, supporting the international community in an hour of need.

Collaborating with Qatar Airways, the Emiri Air Force, and the Ministry of Public Health, QFFD carried out an urgent, coordinated relief effort to ensure medical shipments were sent to nations in need. Whether this was aid deployments to Italy, Lebanon, Iran, or urgent financial assistance to the State of Palestine, support was sent to help nations contain the outbreak and mitigate its impact.

Beyond immediate relief efforts, QFFD will also be sending shipments of aid to many other countries across the world, including Nepal and Tunisia, boosting crucial medical support during a critical moment for much of the globe’s populations.

QFFD understands that there is no easy solution when responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. The organisation has factored the effects into many of its development projects. Working with international partners including the American, Canadian, Norwegian and German governments, the Fund will contribute $4.2 million to support the Jordan Refugee Health Fund, supporting the Jordanian Ministry of Health in their efforts to protect both Jordanians and Syrian refugees.

QUEST, another of the Fund’s initiative in partnership with Qatar Charity, supports and protects the wellbeing of pregnant female refugees in Lebanon and has mobilised to ensure the safety of these women and their children during the outbreak.

One of QFFD’s flagship programmes is responding to the crisis through innovation. A joint Qatari-German project, UNDP Accelerator Labs were initially set up to test and scale-up new solutions to global challenges such as climate change and growing inequality, unearthing new approaches that fit the complexity of current development challenges.

As the globe grapples with the spread of Coronavirus, ideas and responses are sprouting up within the Accelerator Lab Network.

On 17 March, the network participated in a remote collaboration session to address how organisations and governments are coping with the pandemic and to discuss innovative responses, including:

The people ensuring QFFD reaches those in need

Sultan Al Aseeri 

Sultan, one of the youngest team members, has been with the Fund since its inception. He works tirelessly on both development and humanitarian aid and supervises international projects that span the entirety of the globe. Following the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, he has been organising aid shipment supplies with recipient countries, in close coordination with Qatar Airways and the Emiri Air Force.

Yusuf Al Mulla

Since joining the team recently, Yusuf has been working on numerous international aid projects, including support for floods victims in Somalia and earthquake victims in Albania. Coordinating with multiple humanitarian agencies that implement QFFD projects worldwide, his role during the Coronavirus crisis has consisted of ensuring that the process of sending and receiving medical aid supplies runs smoothly and on time.

Maryam Al Subaiey

Maryam recently joined QFFD as Head of Media and Communications, driven by a passion for social change and following the experience of setting up several rewarding local youth initiatives. During the Coronavirus pandemic, she has been in constant communication with internal and external parties, while also highlighting Qatar’s crucial role in the international fight against the virus.