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Uniting Italy and Qatar through Venus Karma

August 2021

Valeria Mazzei

Valeria Mazzei is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and Virgin Commonwealth University Student in Qatar. Starting her business at the age of 16, her success has come from hard-work and consistent focus on her vision. Q Life interviewed Valeria to learn more about her inspiring story.



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Would you please introduce yourself?

Buongiorno! I am Valeria Mazzei, Italian in Qatar – for about seven years now! When I was 16, I started my entrepreneurial journey with Venus Karma, juggling high school exams and business meetings. Currently, I am studying Graphic Design at VCUQ, and life gets more exciting – and busy- by the day!

How did you get into fashion, and what motivated you to start your brand Venus Karma?

 My grandma and my mother are my biggest inspirations for my love for fashion and business. I generally grew up in a family of prominent creatives and artists where art and freedom of expression were very dominant. My mother has taught me always to be a strong and independent woman, so creating a brand was perfectly enclosing the things I loved the most – art, independence and growth.

What is the inspiration and influence behind your products, and what drives your passion for your brand?

Venus Karma has started by recollecting emotions after my grandma passed away. May she rest in peace. My mother and I wanted to continue a legacy and create something in her honour, driven by true love, passion and admiration. Every product we make has a meaningful story behind it because we believe in the power of emotions and collaboration.

Can you describe some of your most significant achievements and successes in your career?

Lockdown has been a very significant moment for Venus Karma and all of us. March 2020 is when we branched out into a new venture called Venus Karma Beauty. While Italy and its hand craftsmanship started to sink because of Covid-19, we found a creative way to support the women Italian artisans through an excellent financial partnership. This project has given birth to our best-selling products, such as the Vintage Vegan Teacup Candles from the 1930s, Vintage décor, Resin and Ceramic art. These are all hand-made in Italy in the homes of the skilful artisans!

It still amazes me the process of these teacups. We collect these vintage tea sets from houses all around Italy. We then categorize them to know their origin – and some date even before the 1900s – then our artisan skilfully transforms them into vegan soy wax candles – completely toxic-free and re-usable for a fancy tea time!

What have been some of the biggest challenges you have faced?

The challenge of being a student while creating a company has been significant. Time management and a healthy mindset have become my best assets in this entrepreneurial journey, where we have to overcome an infinite amount of challenges every day! Still, I feel grateful and blessed every day to have pursued this path due to the tremendous learning experience I am exposed to.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learnt during your journey as an entrepreneur?

You are never too young, too inexperienced and too busy to create an empire – if you are 100% willing to invest all your time and money into your dreams and goals. My age may have been an issue in some situations, but being the youngest in the room has taught me resilience, determination and strength. While being a young woman has taught me never to stop believing in my capabilities.

I hope this motivates all the ladies out there that it is never too late to pursue your goals, and even if it looks like there is no place for you at the table, go and create it for yourself.

What are your hopes and goals for the future of Venus Karma?

I see the future of Venus Karma in an international setting where we allow customizing of the highest quality streetwear. Whilst offering unique home décor and preserving our exceptional customer service that distinguishes our company from others. We love to connect on a deeper level with our customers. Venus Karma is all about emotions, and we want to be the place our customers go to choose or create something special.