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Crafting Tradition

January 2021

Feda Allouh’s Tatreez Workshops

Feda Allouh specialises in the traditional embroidery ‘tatreez’, a unique type of cross stitch originating from Palestine, distinguished by its rich colour and texture. “My mother was the reason I grew up interested in embroidery”, Feda recalls, “she was skilled in design and sewing, and she instilled a love for art and design within me from childhood”.

Within Qatar’s Katara Cultural Village, Feda provides workshops called Ghorzeh, a ladies-only class based on traditional Palestinian embroidery. By sharing her skills, she is not only educating but also preserving a unique part of her heritage and culture.

At these workshops, Feda teaches her practiced and precise skills to others, embracing her mastery of the art. She ensures that those who take her classes don’t just learn the techniques, but the deep and rich history that lies behind the garments, all of which carry designs distinctive to many of Palestine’s cities.

Many who participate in Feda’s tatreez classes come to grow knowledge of an artistic tradition. “What I find beautiful about Ghorzeh workshops is that the trainees are of different nationalities, which introduces Palestinian culture to a wider community”. Feda hopes to teach people how to master tatreez whilst preserving it for generations to come. “Preserving heritage is a great responsibility. My goal in the future is to continue to grow Ghorzeh and provide art workshops to both genders.”

Feda carries a strong pride and passion for tatreez, signifying an important aspect of her individuality and residing close to her heart. “My favourite form of art is Palestinian embroidering, it symbolises my identity and reminds me of my beautiful home, Palestine”.