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A Role Model for Female Tennis Hopefuls

June 2021

Mubaraka Alnaimi

Mubaraka Alnaimi happened upon the game of tennis almost by chance. At only six years old, she accompanied her older brother to the Qatar Tennis Federation so he could register. Mubaraka was immediately captivated by the sport, and insisted on signing up too.

Mubaraka has been on the Qatar National Team since she was nine, and decided to pursue tennis professionally after winning her first Asian Championship at 13. Now 20, she has big ambitions for what she wants to achieve in the sport.



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“I have been through many ups and downs as a tennis player, but one thing I kept telling myself was to never give up. I believe in my talent and my hard work. One day I will be even more successful as a tennis player and will reach the height of my career”.

Having strong role models to look up to was a large source of inspiration for Mubaraka. “My role model is Serena Williams. I’ve been watching her career ever since I was a young kid. I’m proud of her as a player and a mum”.

Mubaraka is now passionate about encouraging more girls into the sport. She hopes to lead by example and be a role model for the next generation, encouraging others to follow in her footsteps and conquer the game.

“My advice is for kids to join tennis because it’s a very fun game. You learn a lot of discipline and focus. You also get to travel the world and meet people from all cultural backgrounds,” she says.

“I hope to see you on the courts soon, especially the young girls”.