Q Life

Inspiring a Generation of Women

June 2021

Asma Al Thani

In early April of this year, Asma Al-Thani took to Mount Everest to conquer her “biggest challenge yet”. Through her journey, Asma hoped to become only the third Qatari and first Qatari woman in history to stand 8,848 metres above sea level.Having already completed multiple expeditions across the world, mountain climbing has been a lifelong passion for Asma. “I have dreamed of climbing mountains ever since I was young. A dream which has always been ignited by my love of sport and its ability to inspire”.

After reaching 8000 metres, the summit expedition was called off due to unfavourable and unsafe weather conditions. Asma hopes to return to the Mount Everest and tackle the summit next year. “Grateful and hopeful. Tired and determined, but I still see myself on the summit and I will be there one day, God willing”.

“I aim to shatter the stereotypical image of the traditional explorer and demonstrate women’s empowerment in Qatar while inspiring a new generation of women across the region to dream bigger”.

She has surely achieved this aim, despite not reaching the summit. Her courage and determination to conquer the challenge all over again next year proves her unwavering vision and passion for the sport.

Asma has big dreams for her future, beyond just climbing Everest. “Ultimately, I want to become the first woman from the Middle East to complete the Explorers Grand Slam, and summiting Everest is just a milestone on my journey to inspire others to push past their limits, break down barriers and live their dreams”.