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August 2021

Lucid Credo


Lucid Credo is a 29-year-old born and raised Qatari who has made his mark on the local art scene, His impact is profound and despite, being relatively new to this art world.Credo is known for his signature vintage and retro style, which touches the hearts of those who have watched Qatar’s incredible development over recent decades.

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Lucid Credo chooses to go by his artistic name as a way to keep his art the focus of attention “I chose to be anonymous, so people judge my work as an artist, not as a person, who I am, or what I look like”. This decision is one that is not only admirable, but ensures that the viewer can appreciate the artwork for what it truly means.

His artistic journey began in childhood and evolved throughout his teenage years, from graffiti art to digital art, his area of expertise today. “My best friend introduced me to photoshop. From there, I got into graphics, designing, advertising, freelancing and photography. It has been my passion ever since.”

Credo’s art is known for combining Qatar’s modern elements with vintage and nostalgic twists. “I would not describe my art as unique, there are many other collage artists around the world, but each one has its own unique style.” This combination is what has made his work not only as popular as it is, but appealing to all audiences and age groups.

Music is a crucial source of inspiration for Credo, “Even though I’m a 90’s kid, I do enjoy listening to more classical musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald. When I listen to these songs, my mind comes up with so many ideas.”

Lucid Credo incorporates impactful retro photos from the 1920s-1970s, a time before Qatar’s modern metropolis. “During the beginning of the pandemic and first lockdown, I decided to begin creating collages based in Doha. I had made around 6-10 images and shared them on Instagram. Within hours, likes, followers and DMs kept showing up on my phone, and I gained around 2000 followers in less than a week!”

The supportive feedback from Qatar’s community motivated Lucid Credo to continue sharing his work online. “I am incredibly grateful and appreciative of the Qatari community for supporting me. However, followers and likes have never been my focus, my priority is creating my art, and that’s what every artist and creator should do, keeping creating.” This commitment to the craft, not popularity, is admirable.

“The reason I believe a lot of my work has gone viral is because of how realistic it can appear – from the people to cars and streets. However, I have to clarify that linking retro collages with Qatar’s scenery does not mean the photos represent Qatar cultures and traditions. Retro imagery from the Middle East is much more difficult to source and find in colour.”

Lucid Credo’s work creates a powerful wave of nostalgia for many individuals local to Qatar. “Knowing the history of places in Doha that existed throughout our youth creates a powerful feeling, as I recreate locations in Qatar that have been removed years ago, such as roundabouts, restaurants and amusement parks from our childhoods.”

Credo hopes to start his prints business as followers become increasingly keen to have his artwork in print form. “I do look forward to seeing my work in Qatari homes, restaurants and coffee shops as wall art. I plan to keep creating more retro collages and widen my collections through never-ending creativity!”