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Leading Qatar’s Most Integrated Boutique Agency

March 2023

Leading Qatar’s Most Integrated Boutique Agency

From her London town, Harriet Gyamfuah hopped on a Qatar Airways flight nearly 14 years ago to set foot in Doha. More than a decade later, she has become an integral part of Qatari society, having traded her burgundy stewardess uniform to embrace the spirit of Qatari entrepreneurship.

Harriet has always been guided by her ambition to reinvent and improve the relationship between organisations and their audiences. Creatives Amplified was born from this quest for success. As one of Qatar’s thriving boutique agencies, Harriet’s firm was the  result of  her years of experience across the fashion, lifestyle and hospitality sectors. Today, she leads her team of creatives to new heights.

The Doha-based publists have a star-studded clientele. Over the past years, their expertise and dedication has led them to work with leading international brands like Prada, Celine, and Liberty of London. Most recently, Harriet and her colleagues had the chance to collaborate with Naomi Campbell, ensuring the success of Campbell’s  Fashion for Relief initiative, which was held in Qatar.

“From London to Qatar, my tribe has been a group of women. Let’s start with my own mother, who even though is in the UK, is my greatest supporter. My company itself is based on amazing women from different walks of life.”

From her time in Qatar, Harriet discovered a melting pot of different personalities and nationalities all coming together. It is this diversity that keeps her thriving, allowing her to meet women from various backgrounds and horizons. For Harriet, there is no doubt: Doha’s melting pot is one of many appeals that pushed her to stay in Qatar for as long as she has.

“International Women’s Day comes once a year in the calendar. However, living in Qatar, every day is International Women’s Day.”

“Qatar is home to many great female leaders, confides Harriet. It is a country that supports and champions women”. When meeting such inspiring female leaders, Harriet follows suit in the evergrowing country that paved her own path to success. With so much talent around her, she continues to embrace all opportunites to shine brighter and champion those around her.