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Qatar Enters the Metaverse through “Qatar Adventure” Roblox Experience

December 2023

Qatar Steps into the Metaverse

Roblox users can now explore “Qatar Adventure”, a virtual world in the metaverse featuring authentic Qatari cultural activities and some of the country’s most iconic landmarks. The experience has been launched in celebration of the first anniversary of the Qatar World Cup 2022 final and Qatar National Day.

“Qatar Adventure” is accessible to all free of charge through Livetopia, a popular immersive world on Roblox, until 8 February 2024. The initiative is in partnership between Q Life, a cultural platform under the State of Qatar’s International Media Office (IMO), and developer Century Games. The experience is an expansion of Q Life’s mission to showcase Qatar to global audiences and highlight the country across sports, arts, and culture.

At the centre of the “Qatar Adventure” virtual world sits a replica of the Lusail Stadium, the venue that hosted the historic Qatar World Cup 2022 final between Argentina and France. Users can explore the iconic stadium while wearing a ‘bisht’, the traditional cloak famously worn by Argentinian national football team captain Lionel Messi as he lifted the World Cup trophy.

Beside the stadium are the Katara Towers, owned by Katara Hospitality, an architectural translation of Qatar’s national emblem and home in real-life to two 5-star hotels. Virtual visitors can explore the grand lobby, luxurious suites, a small museum, as well as a clothing store where they can wear traditional Qatari outfits.

“Qatar Adventure” features mini-game activities including a pearl diving challenge where users swim among whale sharks, gentle creatures that annually congregate in Qatar in some of the largest numbers anywhere in the world. Users can also participate in a slackline walk between the hotel’s two towers, as well as a scavenger hunt for the ‘dallah’, a traditional Qatari coffee pot. Several water activities are also available, including jet skiing, parasailing, and water-propelled jetpacking.


Through the various cultural activities, traditional items, and landmarks, Q Life has used interactive technology brought by the metaverse to reimagine cultural exchange and contribute to building bridges of understanding between Qatar and the world. “Qatar Adventure” highlights the country’s status as a family-friendly destination, showcasing the countless tourist activities available to all.

Visit Livetopia to explore “Qatar Adventure”!