Foreword to Issue 4
Looking to the Future

Q Life

Qatar’s Trailblazers

June 2018

Q Life Issue 4 Foreword

Qatar has a rich and illustrious history. Thanks to our strategic position in the Arabian Gulf, we have always been an outward-looking nation. From our early trading days in pearls, we have gone on to build a thriving society and a magnificent showcase modern city in Doha.

Our enterprising spirit does not stop there, however. This edition of Q Magazine shines a light on our new breed of innovators. They are making their mark on the world and bringing new focus to Qatar.

This latest generation of leaders are using our flourishing economy and open, progressive society as a springboard for success. They are pioneers.

What is fantastic to see is that so many of these pioneers are women. In Qatar, we are proud that women are playing such an important role in shaping the future of our country.

We are also proud that we use our country’s assets for the greater good of human development. It is our people who make us great. Qataris and expats alike see the opportunity this nation offers as we bring to life the Qatar National Vision 2030, with its ambitious programme of economic and social development.

Q Magazine, now in its 4th edition, seeks to educate a global audience about the State of Qatar and highlight the country’s achievements and initiatives in various fields, on a local and international level.

We are rightly proud of these pioneers and the organisations that support them to do their important work.

In Qatar, we know where we have come from – and we know where we are going.

His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed Al Thani

Director of the Government Communications Office

Sheikh Saif